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Modular floors from Bodemia: a clever system

Modular floors, the principle of which was originally borrowed from suspended ceiling systems, deliver an enormous benefit: namely, easy access to the space below them. This allows technicians to quickly and conveniently get to whatever is down there – power, data or communication cables, ductwork for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), the possibilities are endless – to carry out modifications or repairs. We have applied this tried-and-tested approach to our high-quality raised floors to let our customers enjoy the considerable advantages it offers for building management.

A highly flexible approach
Modular raised access floors respond to technicians’ need to get as close as possible to distribution panels, plumbing etc. for maintenance or installation work. With this innovative approach, the floor can be easily opened wherever and whenever it’s required to get straight to the heart of the matter. The highly flexible grid layout can also be easily adapted to any room shape or special requirement. It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of practicality!

The system’s components at a glance

Let’s take a quick look at the system and its components. Each module spans a generous 600 by 600mm to permit comfortable entry from above after removing a panel. The panels are supported by rectangular slot tubes that have a cross-section of 65 by 80mm and are coated with electrically conductive PVC. These in turn rest on height-adjustable pedestals. The square steel panels have the dimensions 534.5 by 534.5mm and come in two different versions: solid and as ventilation grilles. The entire floor surface is also coated with a layer of electrically conductive PVC, which prevents the build-up of static charges.

Grid-aligned wall constructions

In case you’d like to add walls to this system, nothing could be easier! As long as they are aligned with the 600 x 600mm cells of the grid, they don’t interfere with access to the space below the raised floor. In this sense as well, modular floors closely resemble the ceiling systems on which they are based: an intelligent principle that is now being put to a great additional use!

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